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Song: Morning Bell
Band: Radiohead 
Album: Kid A
Tabbed by: Jason Lapointe (

Standard Tuning
Main (2 measurements repeated a lot)
G------------------------|   This can   G-----------------------|
D------------------------|   be done    D-----------------------|
A-------------4----------|   as well ->	A-----------------------|
E---5--5-5------5--5-5---|              E---5--5-5--/--9--9-9---|

Chorus (release me...)

Bridge (cut the kids in half...)

Then after that it goes back into the main until the end. Here there
are many little variations, but all center around the A note. When the
song starts going crazy near the end, I like to do this:


Basically, just do whatever you feel like, I'm just giving a shell
to work with. Listen to the recording to get the timing down, it's
not that hard, and the song is really cool. And remember to let your
notes carry for a nice sound. If anyone finds a mistake, please send 
corrections to the archive.

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