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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE----------------------------------#
# This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
# song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

||     Please contact me if you find anything that is wrong     ||
SONG:              Chick Magnet
ARTIST:            MxPx
ALBUM:             Life In General

Bass Riff- ( It's Real Cool)
        Play this about 14x's...                            

Guitar Chords-
        ...then, play this 4x's...      
   C  F  E  F  G
        ...then, go into this 4x's
   A  F  C  G
        Then the bass comes back on and it starts all over.

#--Mike just plays his bass for first & 2nd  verse--#

#Here are the words if your having trouble.#


Well he's a chick magnet, if ya know what I mean
The way the girlies just go to him
Well ya should've seen 
the guy, yeah he's got style and it's plain to see
smooth shoes and cool tattoos
hair pomped as tight as can be...

*{Mike-"Alright boys, let's do it!" }*
*{Yuri- "Do it to it!"                     }spoken     
*{Mike-"Shut up!"                      }*  
                                Play guitar between verses

A               F         CG
He ain't got a girlfriend, 
no one to sing this song to
He's gonna settle down,
if he meets that special girl soon

                                Play guitar between verses

He knows just what to do, 
when it comes to the girls
He writes them poetry
and he picks them flowers 
He knows just what to say
when it comes to the ladies
Knows how make a girls smile
how to drive a girl crazy

A da dop bom bom a dwa da dip 
dweed dop bom bom bop
a doody doo doo boom bop....etc.  (improvise)
*Yuri told me it was swing to pee your pants*
*(Don't ask what thats all about)*
{This song is by MxPx and this is my interpretation}

*Parts of this lovely piece of music notated w/ an "*" are from the Live on KNDD 
version that can be found on the Move To Bremerton single which I personally
feel is far superior in sound quality to that of the Life In General album.

I downloaded this from the Official MxPx homepage(  I noticed
that the OLGA had no MxPx tab so I decided to transfer a few songs.  In 
time I hope to get every song I can on OLGA.  Send more if ya gottem. I did 
not tab this out.  But I have played it and it is consistent.  
                      "PUNX NOT DED" 
                                 -Ryan Sumner

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