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From: tim@shovel.Prime.COM (Tim Cantin)
Date: 11 Aug 92 13:05:06 GMT

"Brown Sugar" - by the Rolling Stones

A friend of mine just showed me this recently. I love it :)
Chords only, though... lyrics should be easy from the recording,
and for any lead you're on your own... I don't "do" lead :)

(Note: I'm not filling in chords that were already diagramed,
I'm doing this on the fly and it takes too long!)

Main part:

   D#  D#?  D# B#  E#  B#  G#  D#  A#  E#  B#

Where "Brown Sugar" lyrics come in:

    G   B#

That's about the whole song... The strumming is a little strange;
listen to the album. More Stones stuff, please! (If anyone has it!)

Date: 18 Oct 95 12:22:02 EDT
From: John Kollins <>
Subject: Brown Sugar/Rolling Stones Version 1.a

Rolling Stones
Brown Sugar


IMPORTANT!!  Use open G tuning -DGDGBD- that Keith uses on many Stones 
songs, e.g., Honky Tonk Woman, I Go Wild, etc.  Drop the high E string 
to D, Drop the A string to G, and drop the low E string to D.

The song is pretty easy to play once you get the tuning and the basic 
chord and rythym patterns down.


Verse intro


  C 			 F  				  

Gold coast . . . 

 C		      Bflat
This basic pattern varies somewhat verse to verse.


 G                              C     
Brown sugar  . . . .

Notes in parentheses are optional, but add a deeper, bluesy flavor, 
especially when slightly bent.

At the end, when Mick is singing,  "Yeah, yeah, yeah, . . . woo!" go back and
forth between G (open) and C (5th fret bar).  (If you've gotten this far, you
will figure it out.)

I'm tabbing from memory, but I think this should at least get you close.
Feel free to send comments/suggestions.

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