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"Buenos Tardes"

by Ween

Off the album "Chocolate and Cheese."

Transcribed by Chris Knuth and Todd Obermiller (Obermiller.1@nd.edu).

The chords aren't necessarily above the switches, listen to the album to find those.

Verse 1

Am 	G 	Am
Buenos Tardes, Amigo
Am 	G 	Am
Hola, my good friend
Am 	G 	Dm
Cinco de Mayo's on Tuesday
Am 	Em 	Am
And I'd hope we'd see each other again

This pattern remains constant throughout the song.

Verse 2

You killed my brother last winter
You shot him three times in the back
In the night, I still hear mama weeping
oh mama still dresses in black

Verse 3

I looked at every fiesta
For you I wanted to greet
Maybe I'd sell you a chicken
With poison interlaced in the meat

Verse 4

You you look like my brother
Mama loved him the best
He was head honcho with the ladies
Mama always said he was blessed

Verse 5

The village all gathered around him
They couldn't believe what they saw
I said it was you that had killed him
And that I'd find you and upstand the law

Verse 6

People of the village believed me
Mama she wanted revenge
I told her that I would see that she was honored
That I'd find you and put you to death

Guitar Solo




And so on...

Verse 7

Now now that I've found you
On this such a joyous day
I tell you it was me that had killed him
But the truth shall never be known

Repeat Verse 1


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