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From: tgannon@charlie.usd.edu (spideir)
Subject: Desperado ("Organ" part)

 DESPERADO (Henley & Frey, 1973)--"Organ" Part
 -- guitar arrangement: tcg, 2/89
   --4/4 // Key of G // Andante (pretty slow)
   --use vibrato and/or wave effex box to mimic organ sound
   --note durations: s=sixteenth note; e=eighth; q=quarter; q.=dotted quarter;
       h=half; w=whole; [e]=eighth rest . . . 
       w>-----<h =tied notes . . . x(ferm): fermata (hold longer than x)
   --!x!=play harmonic
   --since only the "highest" four strings are played in this "melody chord"
       arrangement, the low e & a strings are omitted in the actual tab
   --chords are named according to voicings shown here; NOT rhythm-chord
       designations, necessarily (though do harmonize with "book" chords)
   --some way-up-the-fingerboard chords have been reduced to two notes
       rather than three to ease fingering on a small (my!) fretboard
   --"Organ" part begins with first "B" section ("Don't you draw the queen of
       Em    Bm          C     G  GM9      Em      C        G    (D7)
        h     h          h     q   q        h      h        q. e  e  e  e  e
      Em     Bm7         C      G           Em     (A9)     (Am9)   D   D9
       h     h           h      q.   e       w>---------------<h     q.  e
      G     G9           C                 G   D    Em        A7    D
      h      h           w------q---q--     q    q    h       h      h--e--e-
     G   G9         C             G D7b9 Em      A7  D7      G      D   D7
     h    h         w-------e--   q  q   h    2/4:q   q      q   q   q   q
      Em     Bm7        C     G   GM9     Em    C          (G)           (D)
       h      h         h     q    q       h    q     q    [e] e  e e e e e e
      Em     Bm7        C       G             Am                     D  D9
       h      h          h      h              w>-------------<h     q   q
 ****A3 (&Coda):
    G       G9           C     Cm6         G   D   Em(Esus4)    A9    D7
    h--e-e-- h           h      h          q   q   h---q--      h     h
     G        G11       C       Cm6    G   D7  Em           C      G   Am
     q   q    h          h     h        q   q   q  e  s s   e  e    q   h
    G  D7b9  Em         Am7            G   [G7]     C    Cm6       G
    q   q   h(ferm)      w             w     ritard. h    h        w(ferm)

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