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Tabbed by Luke Heffernan 24/6/01

About a Girl-Nirvana unplugged

Note: As I tab this out Im also listening to it on Napster 
so U can be sure its right.

First off Ill give you the bass for this song. It can be played on a 6 string
on the 6th string.But its even better if u have a bass!

       E  G   E   G

     C#   G#        F#  
    Ill take advantage while etc..

     E      A   C
  But I cant see u every night free etc.

Heres the chords and lyrics:

      E-G x8

verse 1
E    G     E      G
I need an easy friend
E    G       E      G   
I do with a hand to lend 
E    G         E        G
I do think you fit this shoe
E     g        E      G
I do hope you have a clue


NOTE: on the chorus when u play C#, G# and F# when u play F# and 
just when u sing "while" and "dry" lift your barring finger off so that
its like your playing E moved up 2 frets.This sounds perfect.

C#     G#      F#
 I'll take advantage while,
C#    G#      F#
 You hang me out to dry
 E                   A     C
 But I cant see you every night
E  G  E G  E G  E G
Free,     I do.

Verse 2 
Im standin in your light 
I do hope u have the time
I do pick up number two 
I do keep a date with you

Chorus x 1

After the 2nd chorus Kurt plays a solo which if you no u can play
but otherwise just play the intro once which takes the exact time as the solo
cause someone plays it in the background.
	Then play the chorus once without singing it and then play verse one.
Then do the chorus again but play "but I cant see u every night" twice
and on the second time u play it strum C really hard a couple of times and
go into "free, I do".
This is the whole song. If u have ne questions or comments 
u can email me at

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