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Led Zeppelin "In the Light" - Physical Graffiti

Standard Tuning

I have no idea if this is correct, but it sounds good and its a lot easier than the other submitted tablature (unless you are Superman or have a 8" spread).

"In the light..." part:
G-----------------------9/---- (slide
D----7-6--5-------------7/----  down)

"hey....did you ever think..."
                                   or this may be right:
E------------------------------       E------------------------------
B-------------------3----------       B--------------------3---------
G-------2---O-2-------2-O-2----       G-------2---O-2-------------O--
D---------------4/3------------       D----------------4/3----3-2----
A---O-O------------------------       A---O-O------------------------
E------------------------------       E------------------------------

other part: (jeez the other tab makes this much harder than it is...keep it simple even if Page doesnt play it this way...and i think he does)


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Have fun!!!

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