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BLINK 182 Tabs - 21 days3 Guitar Tablatures, Chords

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE----------------------------------#
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Bass plays a continuous D through introduction, listen to hear when you come in.

/ = slide up
\ = slide down

Clean, no distortion
e |-------------------------------------------|  
B |-------------------------------------------|  
G |2 / 11--7 / 11--2---2 / 11--11 \ 9 \ 7 \ 2-|  
D |-------------------------------------------|  
E |-------------------------------------------|  

Repeat a few times then play:

(Part B)
Strumming with Distortion
e |--------------------------------------------| 
B |--------------------------------------------|
G |-2---11---7---11---2---2---11---9---7---2---|
D |-0---0----0---0----0---0---0----0---0---0---|
A |--------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------|

D5                                    G5              E5
My mind wonders as Iím trying not to fall in love with you.
D5                           G5                   E5
ĎCause every time I wake I ponder on my  mistakes of
D5                                  G5                    E5
what I said. It is always my self esteem that I sure lose
D5                                 G5             E5    
Playing those stupid games as I always end up chasing you

(Play part B)

E5           G5          D5            
I canít help myself anymore
E5                   G5                                   D5 
Rehearsing my thoughts as Iím too scared to come to your door
E5               G5                          D5
I pushed it all aside just to stand next to you 
E5                           G5             D5      Db5   C5        A5
But now you wont talk to me for something that    I       didnít    do.

Itís not gonna work

(There's a little Bass type thing here that you can work out yourself, itís pretty simple to play but a bit of a mish to tab out, besides you didnít Iíd do all of it, did you?)

And Iím trying not to think of you 

Iím all confused because I think of the things that I would do

Iím all shook up as I get all nervous in side

My emotions are something that I will always hide

Clean, no distortion
E|-----------------------------------------------------|      X2

Strumming with Distortion

Repeat till end

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