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RADIOHEAD Tabs - polyethylene parts 1 and 2 Guitar Tablatures, Chords

polyethylene parts 1 and 2 tabs @ 911Tabs
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"Polyethylene (parts 1 & 2)"
tabbed by Joshua Dayton

Part 1

Bm A G D Em F#m 4 times.

Tears of joy let's kill ourselves and all that you would've been.
I just got payed and now your gone that Allen set you ablaze (????)  
If I get scared I'll just call yooou.
But I'll miss your glow as Allan said : " I'm in a lovely sphere.
I'm in love with speed" (????????  Hey just mumble something) 


(Part 2)


A   Em       F   C          Bb       A          Dsus4 D              
So sell your sin inside and come and live with me
Leukemia,   schizophrenia,  polyethylene

   There is nothing left that I wish to have 
   She is still left with arms outstretched  ( I think this is it, but I am sure it isn't)

Plastic, Plaid, middle class, polyethylene
Decaffeinated, unleaded, keep all surfaces clean

chorus:    if you're drunk, believe me, sell soul      
       	 if you're drunk, give into it, no one will

As for the solo you will have start at about the 10th fret on the B string
and head down to about 8 then over to the g-string at about the 9th fret
and I can't get much else after that part.  Please e-mail me with suggestions
on the solo.  I will add them and acknowledge you :)
	I am almost positive on the chorus and the last verse.  
If you have anything on Part 1 that I don't, please mail me:   

This is a great song to be found on AIRBAG/HOW AM I DRIVING ? ep released in 
1998.  It's only $8-9 so if you don't have it, get it.  :)        

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